Men's Fall Retreat

2013 Annual Fall Retreat
Friday & Saturday in October 18 & 19

The 2013 Annual Men's Fall Retreat is a Friday-Saturday in October--an overnight at the "ACT LIKE MEN" conference in Long Beach, CA.  Pastor Dave says if you've never been to a men's retreat, this is the year to go!  This conference features the best men's speakers out there and they have a message for you!


Our Men's Retreat Over The Years:

Over the past 15 years it has served the men as an invaluable touch-point and a way that God communicates. The bonds, relationships, and spiritual awareness have proven to be a standard expectation.  The retreat begins Friday evening and ends after dinner on Saturday night.

We provide speakers who understand men's issues, however, we also understand that much gets done during our free time.  So we schedule time to play sports, relax, hike, meet new guys, and simply enjoy time away.