Kitchen Conversations
Kitchen Conversations

Saturday Night, March 1, 2014

Registration begins soon!  Takes place all over the SCV.  Stay tuned for details!
Sign up at the Women's Table on Sundays or contact Kim Haag at

Ladies, do you ever just need to get together with "The Girls"?  Then Kitchen Conversations is just for you!  A fun, easy going dinner night for everyone--coming soon to a home near you!  Sign up to bring a side dish and join the NorthPark ladies for a fun night of conversation, laughter, and delicious food.

A great way to get to know others and have a fun night out!  Because when women gather in the kitchen, that's when they open up, share themselves, and talk about what really matters to them.  These fun dinner nights take place at various homes throughout Santa Clarita. Bring a friend!

Kitchen Conversations takes place around February and August. If you would like to open up your home and meet new ladies, you can sign up to be a hostess!  Contact Melissa Maimone at