Encouragement Team
Women's Encouragement Team

Our Women's Encouragement Team gets together every Friday morning at 9:00 am to pray for others, write notes of inspiration and reassurance to various folks in our church, and generally have a good time with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging others.  They meet in the "Upper Room" on the second floor, adjacent to the church offices. Join the fun anytime--Everyone welcome! 

Sometimes prayers and notes are based on a specific request, and sometimes random names are chosen out of our church directory. So, if you happen to open your mailbox sometime to a sweet card and little surprise enclosed, know that the encouragement team has been praying for you! JoAnn Babcock facilitates this thoughtful and fun ministry. To join in on the fun or request specific prayer, contact Melissa Maimone through the Church Office, 296-6784 x204 and she will get you connected to JoAnn!