Join a Small Group

Spiritual Community: The Key To Life-Change!

We believe that sustained life change happens best within the context of intentional relationships. Because this is true, we have aligned our entire church so that everyone is encouraged to be in a small "spiritual community" of some sort.

From children to adults, we want those who attend our worship services and sit in rows to eventually end up in smaller communities sitting in circles. It is in these smaller communities/ environments that people can study God’s Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of their lives. It is also where they can pray and care for one another.

We encourage you to connect with others in smaller settings so that you can really begin to experience the transformation and promise of the gospel.  For most, the smaller setting will take the form of a group that meets in a home setting where a circle of friends meet to learn from each other, really get to know each other and support and encourage one another.  We encourage all our people to join a small group where they can get the specific care that a Sunday morning can't provide. 

Small Groups are forming all the time at NorthPark. 

However, this smaller setting could also be a Men's Golf or Hiking Group where you enjoy connecting with others while doing something you love. Or, it could be a group of people you serve with regularly--like a Servant Team, Missions Team, Parking team or teaching together in children's class rooms on Sunday mornings.  It could take the form of a small group that meets regularly in a home, or class you attend regularly.  Whether it's a class, group, team or some other opportunity the idea is to connect in a smaller setting than a Sunday Morning Worship Service provides for.  It's in these smaller spiritual communities that the gospel touches your everyday life and it's power to transform you is maximized!

Want to learn more about creating a vital spiritual community for yourself and your family?  We encourage you to intentionally seek our opportunities for each member to connect and serve. Other specific questions about possibilities?