Women's Teams

Women's Ministries Team
All are welcome! Our Women's Ministries Team is a team of women who work together, each lending their unique gifts and talents, to serve the women of NorthPark. Although we have some dedicated ladies who "facilitate" many of the events and groups in Women's Ministries, there are scores of ladies who participate and help out in a million little ways in everything we do. Women's Ministries flourishes because of and for every woman at NorthPark. Want to get involved? Contact any one of our team members today! Click on the "read more" link to meet the leadership team.


Kim Haag is a woman of many talents! She oversees many of our Women's Events such as the St. Patrick's DayTea, Kitchen Conversations, our Summer Splash and more. She's great at inspiring and encouraging ladies to get involved and jump in! If you'd like to help in these areas, contact Kim at khaag5@yahoo.com

Jennifer Kendall oversees our Women's Bible Studies! She has a deep love of God's Word and the ladies of NorthPark. To join a group or be a Bible study leader, contact Jennifer at jenniferkendall5@gmail.com

Dana Hobelman has a heart for women who might need a little extra "TLC". She facilitates various women's Small Groups throughout the year. Past small groups have included "Healing is a Choice" and "Boundaries". If you need a small group to get loved and work through topics of development and growth, Dana is your woman! To get in touch with Dana, e-mail her at dana.hobelman@gmail.com


Patti Miller is an "encourager extrodiaire"! She is a natural cheerleader and has a heart to encourage the women of NorthPark. Once a month, Patti meets in the Lions Den at church (the first Thursday of the month at 7-8 pm) to write encouraging notes to ladies who have specific needs as well as women whose name she just runs across in the phone book! It's a fun and easy way to spend time with other women and bless the women of NorthPark. To connect with Patti, contact the church office at 296-6784 x204 and leave a message. She'll get back to you right away!

Deana Elguindy is a prayer partner par none! Deana has a deep love of prayer and connection with the Lord and loves to help others experience the power of prayer too. If you need some special prayer time, the Deana is the one to talk to! You will leave time with deana feeling refreshed and rejuvinated by her ability to lead women to a time with God in prayer. To reach Deana, e-mail her at deanaelguindy@gmail.com