Sunday Preschool

Sunday Mornings, for Preschool Aged Children

Jessica Eynon, left with husband Dan, oversees our Children & Parent Ministries. Jessica brings a wealth of credentials and experience as well as a ton of heart to her role here at NorthPark! Jessica is available to answer any questions you might have and will warmly welcome you and your children to NorthPark!

Please contact Children's Ministries Director Jessica Eynon at or if you have any questions or concerns.

At NorthPark, we offer a safe, clean, loving preschool area for children from three & four years old.  The Preschool Class Room is located downstairs on the left side of the elevators.  Our "Son Station" is a clearly visible welcome place where our Children's Ministries Red Coats will welcome you and help you get your children safely checked in. 

The Preschool class is available primarily at our first two service times--

9:00 & 10:30am. 

We encourage families with preschool aged children to come to either of our first two morning services.  (We do have childcare available at our 11:45am service in a less targeted, non-age specific setting.)

We recommend you arrive early so you can check your child in and get upstairs to enjoy our worship experience.  Rest assured, our silent paging system will alert you if you are needed during the service. Our Preschool Class provides opportunities for your child to learn & play with others all under the watchful supervision and constant care of our staff.

Please fill out a name tag when dropping your child off and then keep the numbered stub with you. If for some reason your child is having a hard time or really needs to see you we will flash your number on our LED screen located in the NE upper corner of the sanctuary.

State of the Art "Lambs List" Check-In:
  We employ the state-of-the-art "Lambs List" Check-in System" technology which makes for the most secure environment for you to leave your kids and know they will be safe and our caring and fully trained staff ensure they will be loved.  Our "Lamb's List" system is a secure and web-based for quick registration and check in of children.

"Orange" Curriculum:  We use the "Orange" curriculum to creatively impart the wonderful truth of the gospel.  We have chosen this curriculum because we think it uniquely reflects our focus--to help families and church "come together" to teach children to know and love God.  Find out more about "Orange" here.  The targeted materials for this age group are called "First Look."  You can get a feel for the "First Look" materials here.

Signing Children In: 
We ask that all children birth to kindergarten wear a two-part safety name tag (available outside each classroom). The main part will give us their name and important information. The corresponding portion will have a matching number to insure that only the parent picks up the child.  Please help us keep our children’s area safe by following our name tag system.

Registering Children:
  If you plan to attend NorthPark Community Church and make it your church home, we ask that you register your family with Children’s Ministry.  This helps us get to know your family better and keep in touch with you about what’s happening.   You can easily do so at "Sun Station."

Serving in Children’s Ministry:  We are here to support parents in raising up their children to know and love the Lord.  Volunteering to help in the in a classroom is a vital way for parents to teach their kids about Christ and show them how much they care about their future in God’s Kingdom. Please contact Children's Ministries Director Jessica Eynon at or if you would like to volunteer or have any questions or concerns.