Young Adult's Opportunities

720 Young Adult Ministry

Pastor Dan Eynon heads up our Young Adult/Singles Ministries.  Young Adults need connection and support as they work out their faith.  "720" meets Friday evenings, 7:20PM at the Eynon home. 

Contact Pastor Dan at for more information.

We are passionate about helping 18-34 year olds live exciting transformed lives, to connect, build and grow relationships that last and make a difference, and to discover how to change the world for Jesus Christ.

We believe a big component to Young Adult Ministry is to have fun and experience the uniqueness of being young, bold and ambitious in an exciting world that has much to enjoy and offer. From outings in the greater Los Angeles area and seasonal retreats in the mountains, to backyard BBQ’s and small group gatherings in homes—we have fun together!

We believe that God’s word is critical to living transformed lives that make a difference in our homes, careers, schools, relationships and ministries that every Friday night we meet together to study, discuss and respond to God’s word. Currently, we meet at Pastor Dan’s home:

24139 Del Monte Drive, #267, Valencia, CA 91355

Meeting time begins at 7:20pm and ends whenever the last person leaves. It is very informal, so come and go whenever you please. We understand that life is busy and somewhat chaotic at times, so we try and be there when you need us.

Upcoming Calendar Events:

March 15th—Backyard BBQ/Pool Party at the Blanchard’s, 7:20pm.

March 16th—Medieval Times, Anaheim, CA,

March 19th—Imagine Dragons, House of Blues, Anaheim, CA, 5:30pm

Join a Group or a Team!

We know that our church is filled with people in all kinds of different life situations and many young adult's who are single enjoy our fellowship.  We encourage all our people--whether they're single or not--to be active about getting involved in a spiritual community where they can be known and cared for.

Check out ministry pages for men & women and see if there isn't a group, class or team where you will find the spiritual community where you can thrive!  "Andrizo" Men's Group, Women's Bible Studies, and all our Teams involve young Adults!