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Dr. Dave White

Meet our Founding & Senior Pastor Dr. Dave White (pictured here with his wife of 27 years, Sue.)  Dr. White is a highly educated, traveled and trained teacher and intellect with a uniquely personal, authentic and creative style.  Pastor Dave has traveled to 53 countries of the world--including a stay in London, England where he studied under Theologian John R. W. Stott and a stint as a missionary in the former Soviet Union.  He gained much perspective from the many places he visited, and he brings that perspective to his understanding of our faith--a faith grounded in actual history.  And, as a student of history, he carefully brings that understanding to bear as he passionately but accurately handles the God's Word.

Pastor Dave got his Masters of Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary where he also went on to get his PhD.  In his role as teaching Pastor at NorthPark, Dr. White loves to teach right from the Bible and share the transforming message found there.  Pastor Dave also gives overall vision and leadership through our Executive Team.

While Pastor Dave is big on the truth, Pastor Dave is careful to integrate God's grace.  He loves to put a creative twist on his message series so that the listener is engaged.  His unique way of approaching a topic breaks through the noise so that people often come away having experienced an "aha!" moment. Pastor Dave believes the Bible speaks directly to our everyday lives, and that its application is transformative!  His messages regularly make us laugh, they sometimes makes us cry--but they always makes us think.

As a sports enthusiast and a professional referee, Pastor Dave speaks in a way that men find they can relate to.  As a committed husband of 27 years and father of five, he speaks to women in a way that encourages and respects them as the pinnacle of God's creation.  Pastor Dave is fun, authentic and full of faith!

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You can read more about Pastor Dave in an FAQ and an Extended Bio here.

Executive Pastor Eric Johns

Eric Johns serves as our Executive Pastor.  Pastor Eric, his wife Heather and their (soon to be four!) young kids joined NorthPark Staff in 1999.  The Johns' are beloved for their fun, authentic style--they radiate realness as they gracefully negotiate the early childhood years in the context of community.  Over the years, Eric has served as Youth Pastor & Pastor of Small Groups.  He currently serves on our Executive Team providing leadership to our staff and Deacons.  His specialty is encouraging and coming along beside our people, giving them loving leadership and support.  Eric has a wicked sense of humor and is always good for a practical joke or two (or three!).

Contact Pastor Eric at eric.johns@northpark.com  Ph:  296-6784 x207.
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You can read more about Pastor Eric in an FAQ and an Extended Bio here.

Pastor Russ Klehn

Russ Klehn, his wife Tracy and their son & daughter were among the founding members of NorthPark and are pillars in our church.  Russ's faithfulness and good stewardship are exemplary.  Pastor Russ gave leadership to the entire process of purchasing a plot of land for our permanent church home and shepherded us through our Building Project, Phase 1.  He continues to give leadership in the area of finances and there isn't a more trusted man among us.  Pastor Russ continues to lead us in our Phase 2 building quest. 

Contact Pastor Russ at russ.klehn@northpark.com  Ph:  296-6784 x. 201. 
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You can read more about Pastor Russ in an FAQ and an Extended Bio here.

Pastor Matt Stemme

Pastor Matt Stemme, his wife Nancy and their two girls were also founding members of NorthPark and are deeply loved and respected.  Matt sometimes teaches from the NorthPark pulpit and is an a passionate,  authoritative and articulate speaker.  Over the years, Matt has given leadership to our Men's Ministries and has served on our Executive team.  Along with his wife Nancy, Matt currently gives leadership to our Couple's Ministry.

Contact Pastor Matt at matt.stemme@northpark.com  Ph:  296-6784 x 203.
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You can read more about Pastor Matt in an FAQ and an Extended Bio here.

Pastor Bob Lininger

Pastor Bob, his wife Margaret and his extended family are beloved at NorthPark for the wisdom and much valued perspective they bring to our Staff Team.  Pastor Bob served in the Fire Department for many years before becoming a Pastor.  He currently gives leadership to our vibrant SALT Ministries as well as our GriefShare and Mercy Ministries.  Bob is big hearted and sincere--and he's great at giving hugs--be sure to get one when you see him.  You'll feel the love!

Contact Pastor Bob at bob.lininger@northpark.com  Ph:  296-6784 x 208.
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You can read more about Pastor Bob in an FAQ and an Extended Bio here.

Pastor Bob Hudson

Pastor Bob Hudson, his wife Mimi and his two girls bring big hearts for the world to our NorthPark Team.  Pastor Bob serves the NorthPark family in many ways, including heading up our Mission efforts, our Sunday Morning Teams and oversees Children's Ministries.  Pastor Bob has led Mission Teams from NorthPark to Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic as well as in many local and regional outreaches.  He is currently studying for his Master's Degree.  He has a real servant's heart and is a very valued member of the team.

Contact Pastor Bob at bob.hudson@northpark.com  Ph:  296-6784 x 209.
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You can read more about Pastor Bob in a FAQ and Extended Bio here.

Melissa Maimone, Executive Team & Women's Ministries

Melissa is one of the most caring, competent, passionate and faithful women you'll ever meet!  That's why we trust her to serve on our Executive Team and, along with Dr. Dave White and Pastor Eric Johns, she helps oversee the ministries and execute the vision of NorthPark.  Melissa is pictured left with her husband Danny (who serves as our Historiographer) and she has two children, Elizabeth & Cole.  Melissa is a talented writer, speaker and dramatist and travels widely with Nicole Johnson doing "Seasons" retreats. Melissa has touched the lives of many as NorthPark's long serving Women's Ministries Coordinator. You can read more about Melissa in an FAQ and an Extended Bio here.

Contact Melissa at melissa.maimone@northpark.com  Ph:  296-6784 x 204.
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Pastor Dan Eynon, Youth, Young Adults & Men's Ministries

Pastor Dan Eynon heads up our Men's, Young Adult & High School Ministries.  Pastor Dan is a fun loving soul, easy to laugh but serious about his faith.  He is husband to Jessica, Daddy to Jaden and to us, he is a man dedicated to Christ who is excellent at building connections.  When you're with Dan, you know you are authentically cared for!

Contact Pastor Dan at dan.eynon@northpark.com  Ph:  296-6784 x218.
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Stephen Petree, Worship Ministries Leader


Stephen Petree is our immensely accomplished and talented Worship Leader.  He provides leadership to an incredible group of artists & musicians who give of their talents to serve God & our fellowship.  We think talent attracts and sharpens talent, that beauty and excellence honors God--so we are thrilled to have someone who embodies these things at the helm of this integral ministry!


Contact Stephen Petree at stephen.petree@northpark.com  Ph:  296-6784 x. 219. 








Children's Ministries Director, Jessica Eynon, 296-6784, ext. 221, formerbuckeye@gmail.com
Noah's Park Preschool, 296-6784, ext. 213
Noah's Park Preschool Director, Mindy Worsley, 296-6784, ext 210, mindy.worsley@northpark.com
Worship Leader, Stephen Petree, 296-6784, ext. 219, stephen.petree@northpark.com
Office Manager, Kim Sagardia, 296-6784, ext. 206, kim.sagardia@nrthpark.com
Scheduling  & AWANA Coordinator, Kay Slocum, 296-6784, ext. 214, kay.slocum@northpark.com
Small Groups Coordinator, Rachel Curtis, 296-6784, rachel.curtis@northpark.com
Special Project Manager, Kelly Clark, 296-6784.