Our Style, Structure & Strategy
Limitless Grace, Timeless Truth


At NorthPark, our emphasis is balancing Limitless Grace with Timeless Truth.

When people come to NorthPark, we want them to experience God's love and grace through us. We're not pretenders, setting up false images of perfection that no one can relate to. However, we never shy away from the timeless truths of God's Word.


In our fellowship, it's common to be open and honest about faults and foibles, hungers and hurts, gaps and needs. It's not only common, it's encouraged! From the Pastors and leadership, to the average attender--we aren't into "posing" or pretending. We confess our humanity because it puts the focus where it should be--on the only One who is perfect, our Lord.


Grace, Truth & Time

If there is one thing about NorthPark that we get the most feedback about in terms of what really sets us apart, it's our emphasis Grace, Truth & Time. We believe that these three, very biblical concepts are the essential ingredients God uses to bring about true life change.

We like the analogy that Grace is the anesthetic; truth is the scalpel. Grace deadens the pain and fear of dealing with what the Truth exposes.


Graciously, God let us know we were loved "while we were yet sinners." We all need to know we're loved even though the Truth about us is known. In other words--we don't have to get "good" to get loved.


And finally, it always takes Time for lasting growth to take place. At NorthPark, there is no demand for change to be quick. "...it is God that causes the growth."


Being "In Process"

Life is a journey, not to be evaluated at any one point. No one arrives in this life. We hope to create environments where people feel free to be in process. What's more, we always emphasize journeying together so that though life can be full of challenges--at least we know we're not traveling alone.


People, Not Programs, Are Our Priority

At NorthPark, we believe wholly in an "incarnational" Christianity. We believe Jesus came "in the flesh" and was tangibly experienced by people. We are happy to be His Hands to welcome, His Arms to embrace, His Mouth to speak grace to the people He loves.



As a whole, American churches today are attended by fewer and fewer men. Men can feel like they have to "check their masculinity at the front door". At NorthPark, we very much value our men and their unique qualities and design and we sincerely desire to be "man-friendly". After all, Jesus was a Man! We want men to be comfortable being men; not put down for the ways they are not like women. We are blessed to have a healthy male contingent at our fellowship.


Having Fun!

We Njoy enjoying life! Having fun is a definite priority and laughter a regular component at our church. We like to teach about the parable of "The Treasure in the Field" where Jesus taught that anything we do for God ought to be out of "joy" over finding God's priceless love.
At NorthPark, we very much enjoy each other and we enjoy the Lord!